The Bubble nosed Ski-doo page
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This page is where I will post the ski-doo bubble noses I have recieved from folks like you, thanks!

  1. Photos are of Ski-doos bubblenoses, built in the 1960s,  If you would like to send me your classic photos of your Ski-doo bubllenose I will be pleased to post them up?

The big V on hood of 1965 Chalet

A beauty 1965 Chalet, thanks David

Front view of 65 Chalet

All original 1970 399 Olympic, thanks Tom C from PA! To nice to bang that up.

View of engine of 65 Chalet

Nice shot of 71/2 hp Rotax on the 65 Chalet, not much to it compared to todays big engines!

1963 doo left out in the cold

Classic bubblenose race photo from back in the day, T'NT and Olympic

Thought the shine off this 1965 ski-doo was just great!

A 1970 12.3 with a extra gas tank for even more bushrunnin'

Dan from PA. just got this gem to play with. a 67 Olympic, I like the kick stand?

Classic 1970 Alpine, for grooming and pullin' ice huts

1967 Ski-doo Olympic 10hp

Nice combo, a 1970 Olympic with Ski-Boose

The classic Bushrunner from Joyland Beach, 69 Olympic, made to go not to show!

Two 65s and a 70 Olympic

Out on the snow, a 1967 and 1965 Olympics (spot my 335 Elan in the background, you win the eagle eye award)

Fun machine, 1968 Olympic with Ski-boose

1969 BLACK DOT T'NT 399, can ya feel the speed

69 T'NT 399 with his 1971 440 brother T'NT for comparison, I like the bubble nose better!

One banged up 69 Bushrunner, thanks Stephane, I keep losin' my seat also, bushrunning the old gems!

1968 Super Olympic, still "out & about"

1970 12.3 Olympic (Bushrunner) in Terra Cotta Ont. thanks Matt for thwe pic

A little before the bubble noses, but a very nice restoration, 1961 k61 with santa sleigh

One of the first postings of doos I got via e mail, From way up north in the territories, John Es 1969 Olympic

from Quebec, Stephanes 1969 Olympic Ski- Boose combo

1970 292cc 0r 340 Blizzard at area show, just to nice to bushrun that baby?

One of the 70 340 T'NTs at the Joyland Beach winter carnival, Lake Simcoe, Ontario

1969 Olympiques, trail rideing and doing the doo back in the day, it's a bubblenose bananza.

1970 Olympic and 65 Chalet @ Eganville Ontario

More photos to come, Have a great vintage snowmobiling season folks!