Ski-doo Bubble-noses 2
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Dedicated to the wee yellow snowmobiles of yesteryear from Ski-doo..

Below are photos of Ski-doos from 1959 to 1970!

This Bombardier Ski-doo runs and looks great!

A great runnin' 1963 Ski-doo, from Kingston, thanks Alain!

1968 Super Olympic, show doo @ Peterborough

Great peice of ski-doo history, the type of production snowmobile that went to the artic.

When Bombardier was just a few years into the snomobile market

1963,64, and a 1965 Ski-doo, thanks Ted for the great photo!

This is one of my favorite Ski-doo models, I am dooing on one now!

Still gems to be found, this 1970 335 Olympic was up for sale, wow is that in nice shape eh!

This is o pair of rugged 69 Olympics
The ultimate Bushrunner, eazy to run/fix get parts for and still lots around to. for added balance, put spreaders on the skis.
Purple beast I seen for sale on evil bay, geez I think the kids would like it?

1969 12.3, not original paint job for sure!

Bombardier Ski-doo from 1966

A wee doo for the kids, now why go out and spend thousands of dollars when ya can have great fun with the kids on these for a few bucks? Total so far spent on this Ski-doo is yeah and that's Canadian! It just keeps goin' & goin'!

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