Ski-doo Bubble-Noses 3
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Old ski-ddoo bubble noses from another era.

These are a few of my bubblenose photographs from different vintage snowmobile events.

Paul (the Javelin Guy) 340 T'NT

Nice to see that there are still some single 340 T'NTs to be found

Let the cool air in on this bubblenose racer

The power of a Canadian Blizzard!

Nice combo, one for raceing, and one for a family outing back in the day!

A 1970 Olympique 335 cc, and the Blizzard!

One of our pet projects that is finished finally!

The 1970 Olympic 335e, should make a nice bushrunner, but to nice to dent up, I guess we better put a bushbumper on it eh?

Yes you can still doo it!

Yup you can stll have lots of fun on these old Ski-doos, Sean O. of New York restored this beauty 1970 335 for dooin' it, thanks Sean nice job!

Another great lookin' relic

The Ski-doo Chalet/Olympique from 1965, from local vintage snowmobile show.

The classic yellow Ski-doo combo

Luxury travel back in the day, a 1970 Olympic 335e with a Ski-boose.

A ultimate pair of bubblenoses
The 1970 Olympic and the 1969 Olympic 12.3 with bushbumper ready for any kind of tree that gets in the way. I think my bro and I hit a few back in the 70s
A wee Chalet
A 1964 Ski-doo Chalet/Olympique
Got to love these little jewels

The 1963 bombardier Ski-doo

last of the bubblenose work horses

The 1970 Ski-doo Invader, I thought everything from Ski-doo with one ski was a Alpine (lesson learned) thanks David S.

A blast from the past

A 1970 340 T'NT, one of Joe Ms many restorations of bubblenoses!!

A fine example of a bubble nosed bushrunner

The 1969 Olympic 18hp with the pop up light @ local show, trouble with those popup lights is, when ya hit a bump at night, light pops down, that kinda slows ya down?

1969 and 1970 Olympics, gems!

This 1969 Olympic was for sale on e bay, good lookin' bushrunner 18hp doo, I like the ram horn off the Tilly carb!

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