Bubble noses 4
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A few more classic Ski-doo bubble nosed bushrunners
Like to add your bubble nose Ski-doo just send them to Dave at dpoidy@hotmail.com...............thanks!

Nice pic of Montys (from teshio.com) "old yeller" I took at the Georgian Bay vintage snowmobile show

His little jem, the 1968 Olympic he takes to various vintage snowmobile events in the U.S. and Canada!

1969 292 T'NT

This is a fine example of a 1969 TNT 292 in original condition, thanks for the photo Paul!

Mike's old work horse from Washago, Ontario

The 1969/70 Alpine still runs strong.

Wee jem was hangin' over service counter at local doo dealer

A 19634 doo that is at Don Coffeys Ski-doo dealership in Cookstown, Ontario

This is My bro Steve's first Ski-doo

The 1967 10 hp Olympic

This, in my mind, is the best for the money sled for fun!

1969 Ski-doo Olympique 320, a little different paint job and decals on this "Bushrunner"! 

Rare wheel kit on the 1969 Olympic @ Georgian bay show!

Lots of fun on these old beasts/bushrunners, now with this wheel kit you could "doo it" all year long, Thanks Joe H

Hope ya like all the yellow bubble noses from the 1960s, if you would like to send me a photo of yours I will post it up, thanks.