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This page has the collection of bubblenoses photos that have been sent to me, thanks to all you folkes!

Hope you all enjoy these doos, and thank you for sendin' them.

A wee bubble nose from Europe

I think this is a 1967 Ski-doo, just not called a Olympic, can you feel the speed?

1969 T'NT 340cc

This is all original (seat not) and barn fresh, like to have one of those 340 singles in our Elan! Thanks for the photo Paul.

A beauty 1968 Super Olympic

I have a few shots of some 68 Olympics posted here from different shows in Ontario this summer.

1968 Super Olympic from Ski-doo

Seems more people are likeing the 68 bubblenoses more then the 69/70s at the shows?

A 1970 Olympic 335

This is the way to use your classic doo, sliceing through the new snow fall on the bay, oh yeah, Bite that you REV boyz!

This is another shot of the 68 Super Olympic at G Bay vintage snowmobile show

I think there were alot of these wee classics sold in North America and Europe?

This 68 still hauls the ice huts out on Lake Simcoe

I was sent this photo from southern Lake Simcoe to say bubblenoses still work for their keep.

More bubblenoses to come from various vintage snowmobile events around the area